The courses offered in the PPS in “Environmental Physics” for the acquisition of a Postgraduate Diploma (P.D.) last an entire semester and are divided into two categories: a) Compulsory courses and b) Elective courses. A total of 120 ECTS is required for the acquisition of the P.D., of which 70 correspond to the compulsory courses, 20 are completed by choosing five (5) of the elective courses and 30 ECTS units are credited with the successful completion of the Diploma Thesis. The courses, with the corresponding ECTS credits per semester, can be seen in the following link:  

List of the courses per semester:

Compulsory courses:




The 4th semester is dedicated to the Diploma Thesis. The Diploma Thesis is carried out under the supervision of a faculty member who teaches at the Postgraduate Program and is examined by a three-member examination committee, one member of which is the supervisor.  

Elective Specialization Courses